Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Going to the source.

On Monday, I was at work when I was informed the transformer on the power pole out the front of the grounds was emitting smoke.  I couldn't see it at first but after watching it closely, it became evident.  I couldn't actually smell the smoke but someone else claimed they could.  I called Ausgrid Emergency line immediately and I explained that the pole was in front of the medical centre.  The operator immediately called a serviceman and I was told then to keep away from the area.   Of course, the guy on the phone didn't know who he was talking to and so I walked up to the medical centre to inform them that I had called the electricity supplier.  The building had been evacuated, everyone was in the car park outside the building and one of the ladies was on her phone to 000.  When I told them that I had called Ausgrid, one lady said "they won't do anything".  Within a ten minutes an Ausgrid worker had arrived, and because he was the expert in these situations, he quickly analysed the problem and quietly started working on the issue.  Another ten minutes went by and the rural fire brigade had arrived in their trucks and with sirens blaring.  There was little they could do but the children who were attending playgroup in the church were excited by firemen with big trucks, flashing lights and sirens.

It occurred to me that sometimes we seek a solution that seems reasonable to us.  Like the ladies who called 000, it made sense to them that there was a fire and to call the fire brigade.  It didn't even occur to them to call Ausgrid because they were sure they wouldn't arrive in time.  How often do we go to someone else to solve our issues, or ask another to pray for us when time are tough.   God tells us to go to Him in our times of trouble, because He really wants to help us.  In Psalm 50:15 God says Call on me in times of trouble and I will deliver you.   There is nothing wrong with going to someone to pray for you, to help you or give you advice but if we want an expert to work on our particular situation, we need to go to THE expert... God.  

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