Monday, February 11, 2013

Christian Life & The Superbowl. A lesson in being prepared.

There has been lots of talk both positive and negative about sport this week.  I'm not a huge fan of sport but my hubby is.  It doesn't matter what the sport is, he will watch it.  On Monday afternoon, I came home from work and hubby was watching the Super Bowl live on TV. (We live in Australia and we are about 14 hours in front of the US)  I was a little disappointed that I missed the part I considered my favourite bit of the game...the entertainment that is at half time. 

I went about making myself lunch when hubby exclaimed "Uh oh!"  I asked him what the problem was and he said the stadium had lost power and all play had stopped.  I then sat on the lounge with my sandwich and watched the confusion a little.  It was actually quite entertaining as the cheerleaders were jumping and dancing around and the commentators were trying to sound like they knew what was going on. 

The announcers soon came on saying officials had found the problem and it could be up to half an hour until play resumed. Even then, no one was sure the game was actually going to continue.
I found it interesting that the coaches hadn't taken the players from the field but had kept them on the ground stretching, keeping warm and throwing the ball around.  The coaches and managers were very angry with the officials but the players seemed to take the unexpected interruption in their stride and kept on with preparations for when the power was to come back on and they could resume play.

It occurred this is a parallel to our Christian life.  As Christians, we should keep ourselves warmed up and prepared for when the power of the Holy Spirit comes upon us to do some major game playing in the Father's Kingdom.  We are not to get angry or impatient but to keep on with the preparations because we never know when we will be called into the game but just be ready when the time comes.  And even if we never get called into the game, the fact we are ready to go at a moments notice is more important in God's eyes.
Who knew the Super Bowl in the US had such parallels with God's kingdom throughout the earth?  I didn't.  

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