Friday, January 24, 2014

How To Become the Disciple Who Jesus Loves.

I used to think John was Jesus’ favourite disciple, until I realised one day that the phrase ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved’ is only found in Johns own gospel.    In fact, John called himself ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved’ or ‘the beloved disciple’ five times.  I’m positive Jesus loved all the disciples but it seemed only John really knew it in his heart because he proudly claimed it as his identity.  

Once you start to get an understanding of what Jesus actually did for you on the cross, it’s natural to want to do as much as you can to show your love for him.  However, I believe God wants us to boast of Jesus’ love for us, rather than our love for him. I’m fully certain he wants each of us to confidently claim “I am the disciple who Jesus loves” just like John. 

Why not try claiming this truth for yourself?  Each morning when you first get out of bed, say “I am the disciple Jesus loves”.  It might feel funny at first, but I’m confident, after just a few days of speaking out Gods love for you, it will sink into your spirit and you will begin to claim your true identity as the beloved disciple.  

If you decide to take up my challenge and start claiming Jesus’ unconditional and boundless love for yourself each day, let me know how you go.  

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