Friday, December 6, 2013

God - The Ultimate Barrier Jumper

Today, I shared this quote on Facebook because it really spoke to me of God’s love. 

"We thought He was the God who couldn't get over our sin... all along He was the Father who couldn't get over His children" Mary-Anne Rabe

I had one friend ask me what it meant and this was my answer:

This world thinks that God hates us in our sinfulness and that our misdeeds are a huge barrier between us and Him. This statement says that we all sin and in our opinion, our sins may be an impassable barrier but our Daddy God jumped over that barrier to get close to us because He is in love with us, His children.

When God sent Jesus to earth, He provided a way for us to get close to Him, where in the past, there was no way.   

God was so determined that we know of His love for us, that he didn’t even spare His own son.  All He asks is for us to trust His love and believe in the sacrifice of His Son. He hasn’t asked much in return, has he?

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