Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Miracles and Traffic Lights

This week, on a drive into Newcastle with a friend, we were discussing miracles. 

The subject came up because we had just driven through an intersection that I call “The Scary Intersection” where the traffic lights were green.  I was able to turn left into the cross street then move over into the far right lane without any incoming traffic.  I confessed that I really dislike merging into busy traffic and then I went on to say that God fixes the traffic lights for me at this particular intersection every single time and that to me, it’s a miracle.  No matter what time of day it is, the traffic lights at this intersection were always in my favour.

She scoffed at the thought and said it was a coincidence.  I said there was no such thing as coincidences only God-incidences.  My friend then asked me for a definition of a miracle. Without any forethought, I said “a miracle is Heaven touching Earth in inexplicable ways”   

She seemed satisfied with that statement and to be totally honest, I had never said those words before in my life. Maybe I had read them somewhere but I wasn’t planning on saying them.  Quite possibly, this exact statement was directly from the Holy Spirit for that exact moment.  

Over the years I have witnessed people being healed instantly, I have heard of amazing things happening and I have had massive and unbelievable answers to prayer that that are, quite simply, unexplainable.  And even though I have seen these miracles with my very eyes, I still believe the biggest miracle of all is when Jesus died for my sins and then sent the Holy Spirit to live and work in me. 

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