Monday, August 5, 2013

Jesus' Arms of Love

The other day, my friend James, was visiting family in Geelong when he posted this tweet “Street preacher was preaching judgement, I got to release Jesus' love on him and watch his astonishment as pain in his hand lowered”

James was with some friends when he met this preacher and instead of condemning him; my friend showed the love of Jesus to him.  

James may have planned to go to Victoria to visit family and friends, but God sent him there for His reason: which was to share Jesus' love and grace with someone who only knows of a God who is bent on judgement and condemnation. I am fairly confident this street preacher will never be the same again after being caught up in Jesus’ loving arms after years living in fear.

This got me thinking…  Over and over again in the Bible we read of people who, for some reason or another ran away from God.  Instead of being offended, God decided to chase these folk until they were so mentally and physically exhausted, they had no choice but to let themselves be caught by Him.  And then, after God had caught them, he wrapped His arms around them and began to whisper words of love into their hearts.  

Those caught in Gods arms of love then went on to do earth shaking things that changed the course of history!

We all go through times where we feel close to God and other times where we feel a million miles away from Him.  I have no doubts, that no matter where we are, our Daddy's eye is upon us.  He longs for us to be wrapped in His arms and to listen to His words of love.  Who knows, maybe He has some earth shaking plans for you and for me.   We just have to be prepared to be caught and to be loved by our Daddy God.

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