Monday, July 28, 2014

Kingdom of Heaven

This week, my pastor challenged us to write our own parable based on Jesus parables of "The Kingdom of Heaven is like..."  which are found in Matthew 13.

This is my parable:

The kingdom of Heaven is like a dry cleaners ticket that has been freely given to you. You neither handed anything in to the dry cleaners nor paid for anything to be cleaned, yet you have the ticket to claim the item at any time.  Whether you take the ticket and claim the item or throw it in the garbage bin is your choice. However, if you do go and claim the item, you will find it is a beautiful coat that is perfectly tailored just for you. You then have a further choice to wear the coat or put it away in the wardrobe to wear on a 'special' occasion because you don't want to get it dirty or damaged.

Only those see the value in the ticket will claim and wear the coat because they understand that the gift wasn't random. They know and believe the ticket giver made the deliberate decision to hand his best coat to someone who couldn't afford one any other way.  And besides that, it was his great joy to have his beautiful coat expertly and precisely tailored to fit each individual person perfectly.

I would love to know what people think of this...

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