Friday, July 25, 2014

Do It Afraid

‘But Jesus came and touched them, saying, “Get up and do not be afraid.”‘ Matthew 17:7

1n the 80's, DC Talk, a Christian pop group sang “What if I stumble, what if I fall, what if I lose my step and make fools of us all?”  Can you relate to that?  I can.

On many occasions, I have felt so gripped by fear that I can't move.  My instincts tell me that I do nothing; I can’t fail and can’t fall.

However, I have also found there are blessings hidden in every struggle, and triumphs in every fear that is faced, even when the biggest triumph is doing something instead of doing nothing.

Joyce Meyer is quoted as saying “Just because you feel fear, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.  Just do it afraid.”

Sometimes you have to stop worrying about falling, take a deep breath, put your best foot forward and ‘just do it afraid’.

Who knows, maybe the fact you are afraid means something big is going to happen.

It could also be why Jesus said “Fear not!” just before he performed a miracle or taught about the Kingdom of God.

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