Friday, June 27, 2014

Good News is the Best News!

Proclaim every day the good news that he has saved us.  Proclaim his glory to the nations, his mighty deeds to all peoples.  1 Chronicles 6:23, 24

The word ‘Gospel’ means good news.  But what is that good news?  The good news is that God isn’t mad at you.  He has never been mad at you and he will never be mad at you.   Our God is a loving father who knows about all your missteps past, present and future, but no matter what you do wrong, he will always love you.  

Isn’t that good news?  Actually, I think it’s the best news and we should be so excited about it, that we can’t help but praise God and share his love to all we meet.

After all, the Gospel isn’t about getting you into Heaven when you die. It’s about getting you into relationship with your Heavenly father while you live! 

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