Saturday, January 7, 2012

White on Rice

In my Anglican Church each week, we have four Bible readings.  I write down whatever jumps out at me from each reading, usually a strong sentence or two from the sermon and then see what happens from there... I will start by giving you the reading and then in italics the passage, verse or message that jumps out at me.

The readings for today:-

 God spoke and light appeared

Vs 3 God thunders across the waters,
   Brilliant, his voice and his face, streaming brightness—
   God, across the flood waters. 

Johns Baptism was for repentance.  The Holy Spirit baptises into Jesus Christ.

God said, as the Spirit alighted on  Jesus 'You are my Son, chosen and marked by my love, pride of my life.'

'The Jews hated the water and thought all darkness and evils of the world existed in the water" Rev Ken Youman

When God created the world, He paused and saw it as good.  When Jesus was baptised, God paused and was overcome with love for His Son.

It was when Jesus began his ministry that God's love came to the fore.  Jesus was/is/always will be the only way of salvation.  Its like God pauses before He applauds His Son.  God wants us all saved, all to be with Him eternally.  He wants us in relationship with Him now.  He doesn't want us to pause.


Like white on rice is the Holy Spirit on us who believe Jesus is our salvation.

Jesus took our sins on His body on the cross.  He was punished for the things I have done wrong.  He was a once and for all time past/present/future sacrifice for our sins.  We don't have to strive to be acceptable because we are already acceptable because of Christ. 

Jesus died and rose again sinless!!  Praise you Jesus.  He is now seated at the right hand of the Father.  His work is done. It is finished and now He lives to intercede for me before the Father.  I am forgiven, made clean, filled and enveloped with the Holy Spirit.  And I have done nothing to deserve it except believe in Christ's sacrificial death for me.

The Holy Spirit hugs me like white on rice!

Hmmm...white on rice.  A grain of rice is white inside and out.  If you boil or steam it, it gets whiter and brighter.  If you squish it when cooked, its white inside.  The Holy Spirit permeates and colours every part of the one who believes and accepts Jesus as their saviour. We need to be baptised in the Holy Spirit to be hugged by Him, enveloped by Him and coloured by him.

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